IRS Tax Problems Help and Relief in Houston, TX

Are you facing tax problems in Houston, Texas? Many people aren’t able to borrow money or liquidate assets in order to pay what they owe. If you’re having a similar problem, it’s possible that you’ll be able to get an installment agreement to get tax help in Houston. Taxpayers as well as corporations may be able to qualify for installment agreements. It’s possible that the IRS will ask for a personal financial statement or a business financial statement.

As a nationwide tax resolution firm we specialize in helping clients who have tax problems across the country. Only a tax resolution firm focuses on tax controversy and dispute cases whereas traditional firms focus on tax preparation and tax planning.

Working with a tax resolution firm ensures having your case handled by tax resolution experts with the technical know-how and not by a firm that offers tax resolution as a secondary services only because they're a CPA, tax attorney or enrolled agent with most of their experience in basic tax preparation and tax planning.

Once you’ve given the IRS a financial statement, they will compare your income against your regular expenses to figure out how much income you have leftover to pay your taxes. This is how much your monthly charge will be. Note that penalties and interest will continue to accrue on the tax liability until it’s paid back in full.

It’s possible that you’ll be able to get the IRS penalties abated. Requirements for abatement will differ from case to case. However, if you believe that you qualify for abatements, it’s recommended that you apply for one. If the request is approved, you could have your penalties either partially or fully removed. Every year, the IRS abates millions of dollars in penalties.

If you don’t agree with a decision that the IRS has made regarding the taxes you owe, you can file an appeal. The appeal will go to the IRS Appeals Division and an Appeals Office will listen to your opinion about your taxes before making a final decision.

Tax Problems in Houston

There are a number of different tax problems in Houston that people face, including liens, wage levies and property seizures.

Liens: The IRS will sometimes file a public notice called a Filed Notice of Federal Tax Lien. This lien is attached to your assets and can have a serious affect on your credit rating. Sometimes, the IRS will opt to discharge, withdraw or subordinate a lien. When you have a lien on your property, that means that the IRS is acting as a secured creditor and that they will seize your assets if they need to.

Wage Levy: When there’s a wage levy, your employer is ordered to send your paychecks to the IRS, aside from the withheld taxes, exemptions and insurance. Wage garnishments can take up to 50% of even more of your take home pay, which can have a serious affect on your lifestyle. Every single paycheck will be levied until there is a release issued. It’s important to get legal help pif there’s been a levy placed on your wages.

Property Seizures: It’s possible that the IRS will seize your property and auction it in order to pay the tax liability you ow. This can include seizure or your car, home, inventory, business equipment, real estate and other assets. The auction proceeds are applied to the expense and sale of the seizure before they’re applied to the liability. Sometimes, the sales proceeds don’t account for the full tax liability, which means you’ll still need to pay the rest of the liability.

IRS Tax Relief in Houston

There are many different reasons why you may need IRS tax relief in Houston. You may owe back taxes that you simply cannot pay. You may have un-filed tax returns. You may have a levy against your bank account or your wages. Oftentimes, taxpayers don’t know their rights when it comes to taxes and they don’t understand the procedures and policies that the IRS follows. When you need help solving your tax problems, it’s important to speak with a qualified attorney. Debt relief attorneys understand how the IRS works and they know the steps you can take to solve your IRS problems.

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Tax Settlement
The reasons may be many but they all point to one painful confrontation: the tax problem.
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Ending Collection
The IRS will take actions to collect a tax debt that include wage garnishment, bank levy, tax
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Tax Audit
We will represent clients that are being audited currently by the IRS or who recently were
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Tax Returns
Many taxpayers have tax returns that are unfiled and are receiving notices from the IRS
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Tax Liability
This comes about from tax returns that have been filed by the taxpayer or by the IRS on
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