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Tax Resolution Firm Is What We Are

As a nationwide tax resolution firm we specialize in helping clients who have tax problems across the country. Only a tax resolution firm focuses on tax controversy and dispute cases whereas traditional firms focus on tax preparation and tax planning.

Working with a tax resolution firm ensures having your case handled by experts with the technical know-how and not by a firm that offers tax resolution as a secondary services only because they're a CPA, attorney or enrolled agent with most of their experience in basic tax preparation and tax planning.

Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution Services Is What We Offer

There are many solutions that we can provide our clients and the nature of each case will determine which services will be needed to resolve the issue. Our core services are primarily focused in the following:

Tax Settlement Negotiations

We work with clients to reduce their tax debt with the IRS through preparation of an offer in compromise, installment agreement IRS payment plan and currently not collectible.

Ending Collection Actions

The IRS will take actions to collect a tax debt that include wage garnishment, bank levy, tax lien. We will stop these actions for our clients or prevent them from happening if they haven't already began.

Tax Audit Representation

We will represent clients that are being audited currently by the IRS or who recently were audited and are looking to appeal the audit report findings.

IRS Problems Is What We Solve

Clients come to us with a variety of tax problems that came about from many different ways. However, in the end, no matter how unique a case may be they can broadly be categorized as one or more of the following tax problems:

Delinquent/Unfiled Tax Returns

Many taxpayers have tax returns that are unfiled and are receiving notices from the IRS asking them to file their taxes. Often, the reason why taxes aren't filed is because they anticipate to owe taxes or owed in the past and don't want their tax debt to increase.

Delinquent/Unpaid Tax Liability

This comes about from tax returns that have been filed by the taxpayer or by the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer. The amount becomes much greater than originally thought simply because of penalties and interest the IRS will add on to the tax debt.

IRS Audit/Examination

The IRS will select tax returns to audit randomly or because of certain items on a tax return. Audits are conducted by correspondence through the mail or by a locally assigned auditor. Regardless of how the return was selected for audit or how the audit is being conducted, a great level of attention on it is needed.

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