Our Tax Resolution Services

NFA Tax Help provides complete tax resolution services to its clients. Below is a general list of tax relief services we offer.

Many of the solutions we provide can be found under these categories. However, many steps involved to achieve tax resolution during the process are not singled out. We also represent business clients to resolve payroll and sales tax issues. Our representations include both federal and state tax representations.

Most Tax Resolution Services Generally Fall Under These

End IRS Actions

The IRS can use its wide arsenal of tools in an attempt to collect a tax debt from a taxpayer. These collections actions can significantly affect the lives of taxpayers when they are confronted with the actions.

Three Main Types of IRS Collection Actions

Tax Debt Settlement

There are many type of ways to settle a tax debt that’s owed to the IRS. Of course, it all depends on what a client qualifies for. Sometimes more than one tax relief solution is possible.

Tax Audit Help

Requires both expertise and human skills. Can depend not only on technical expertise but the ability to negotiate with auditors. We consistently produce results that are second to none.

IRS Audit Defense vs. Appealing IRS Audit

Spouse Tax Relief

Clients who qualify can be detached from a tax problem their spouse has accumulated. To succeed, it may not just require stating facts alone but to how they relate to situation.

Learn the Difference Between the Two

Payroll Tax Problem

Payroll tax problem is a monster of its own. IRS views these problems as essentially stealing from them. Chances are there is a revenue officer assigned to your case.